Children’s Dental Braces in Des Plaines, IL

While braces are important for the beauty and confidence of your child’s smile, they can also be a source of frustration if your child becomes a teenager before their braces are removed. For this reason, and for some underlying oral health considerations, we recommend having braces out-of-the-way as soon as possible for your child.

In addition to saving them the frustration of dealing with metal braces as they enter middle or high school, having your child’s braces installed sooner rather than later will also maximize the outcome. While every person will be given a retainer after their braces are removed to help them maintain the alignment of their new smile, the sooner intervention happens for your child’s smile, the less maintenance they will need to maintain their straight teeth.

If you are curious about your options when it comes to children’s dental braces, our in-house children’s orthodontist would be happy to answer any of your questions. They can also explain the process to your child to take away any fears they may have regarding the process. Once installed, you will have to bring your child back in for a few adjustment visits.

These adjustments will ensure that your child’s braces are fitting their teeth properly and working to straighten them throughout the entire treatment plan. How long your child’s treatment plan will depend on the complexity of their re-alignment needs. However, the sooner you have braces installed, the sooner your child can be enjoying a beautiful, straight, and healthy-looking smile that will last them far beyond their school years.

While it may be a bit frustrating to them now, your child will be able to appreciate their straight smile into their teenage years and beyond.  For more information on Children’s Dental Braces in Des Plaines, schedule an appointment with our pediatric orthodontist today.


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