Surgical Orthodontics in Des Plaines, IL

In some cases, orthodontics alone can leave a patient with a compromised facial appearance. In other cases, a bite problem or skeletal discrepancy may be so severe that orthodontic treatment is not able to correct the issue. In any situation like this, surgical orthodontics are the likely solution.

Some of the cases in which orthodontics surgery may be necessary include malocclusion or a bad bite where a patient is suffering from functional problems. This may include the inability to properly chew food, difficulty soaking, or the discomfort of headaches and joint pain. Self-esteem issues can also accompany a jaw discrepancy. In these situations, surgical orthodontics can help the patient overcome the problems they are facing.

Surgical orthodontics is really a team effort. It will involve the collaboration of multiple specialized staff members at our clinic to help find a solution that best fits your needs. We’ll begin by discussing your situation and creating a treatment plan. That plan will then be presented to you and we can then get into pre-surgical orthodontics, which is the process of moving your teeth to a position where they can properly fit together once the jaw is re-positioned.

During this phase of treatment, it’s common to feel like your bite is getting worse. That’s because your teeth are being moved from a “compensating” position to the proper position where they should be aligned within your mouth. Once your bite has been fixed through surgery, your teeth will be properly aligned.

The first healing phase usually takes about 6 weeks initially, but the entire healing process will take around 9 to 12 months. Following your surgery, your orthodontist may use clear braces to do some final adjusting to your smile. This phase of post-surgery check-ups will usually begin about 4-8 weeks after your procedure and this final corrections phase will last around 2-6 months.

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