Orthodontist in Des Plaines, IL

Are you trying to get that beautiful Hollywood smile? If you are, having a straight smile will be an important aspect. Having a straight smile can provide you with increased confidence as well as health benefits from proper tooth alignment. If you visit your orthodontist in Des Plaines, they can offer the best suggestions for the type of orthodontics that would best help to straighten your smile.

How are Orthodontists Different from Dentists?

An orthodontist is a dental specialist trained to diagnose and treat dental and facial issues and irregularities. This can include straightening teeth that are crooked, fixing bite issues, and aligning irregular jaws.  Your dental provider will likely refer you to an orthodontist if they discover crooked teeth or jaw alignment issues. The orthodontist can examine your unique case and make suggestions of what orthodontic services would be best for you.

What Types of Orthodontics Are Available?

Modern orthodontics have come a long way from the dental braces of the past. Modern traditional dental braces can straighten your smile more quickly than in the past, and clear dental brace options can even straighten your smile with clear aligners that are unnoticeable to your peers. After your orthodontist has examined your specific case they can recommend the best treatment path for your mouth.

If you are suffering from crooked teeth and wish you could have a beautiful, straight smile, contact our office today. Our orthodontist in Des Plaines is highly trained and can help straighten your smile.


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