Palatal Expanders in Des Plaines, IL

Did you know that the health and alignment of a child’s baby teeth will have an effect on their adult teeth too? That’s why early dental hygiene standards and treatment are necessary for ensuring the long-time health of a person’s smile. Palatal Expanders can be placed on both children and adults to expand the upper jaw.

In children, the use of a palatal expander will help ensure that adult teeth have plenty of room to push through straight. For adults, palatal expanders are often used following the removal of braces to help the upper and lower teeth fit together properly. A palatal expander may look uncomfortable, but the installation is rather simple.

The expander will be placed along the upper roof of your mouth and aligned with your back most teeth on either side. A key in the center will allow your dentist to adjust the tension of your palatal expander with your follow-up visits so that your upper back teeth will continue being gradually shifted outwards and into correct alignment.

Palatal expansion may require re-alignment of your bite so that your teeth can be closed together comfortably. This is normal as the surfaces of your teeth that touch one another will be re-positioned, so the natural grooves that have been worn into them overtime won’t necessarily match up fully. Your dentist will file your teeth as necessary to ensure that your new, perfectly straight smile goes together comfortably.

How long you’ll need to wear your palatal expander will depend on the severity of the misalignment. It can range from a few weeks to a few months, and your dentist will be able to estimate the length of your treatment plan when you speak with them about your options. After a few follow-up visits to adjust your palatal expander, you should be ready to have it removed so that you can enjoy your gorgeous smile!

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